Tax Credits for Students

| What are Tax Credits?

Tax credit contributions are a cost-free method to help fund student tuition. Everyone can take advantage of Arizona state tax credits. For more information, watch the video to the right or visit this webpage.

We encourage all families to reach out to their network to raise tax credit contributions for their children. The information on this page will show you how to do it!

| How to Get Started

All tax credits contributions must go through a Student Tuition Organization (STO). These STOs collect contributions and distribute them in the form of individual scholarships. We are partnered with several STOs, but we recommend submitting contributions to STO4KIDZ. You are welcome to use another STO, but reach out to them first to make sure that we are a registered school (or see our list below).

Getting Started with STO4KIDZ

Here are the steps to take full advantage of STO4KIDZ programs:

  1. Take advantage of the tax season and reach out to people you know and invite them to redirect their 2022 tax liabilities towards your student(s) at LeadAZ. (link for instructions).
  2. Compile your prospective donor lists for email, mail, or both.
  3. Use STO4KIDZ donor brochures, write your student’s name on the designated line mail along with a short letter, and keep some with you to hand out to prospective donors as opportunity rises. Email for brochures or email templates.
  4. For Private Tuition Landing Page:  Email couple of high-quality photos of your student along with a brief 4-5 sentences paragraph (see our online library for sample letters and tuition landing page templates). STO4KIDZ will make a custom landing page for your child.
  5. SAVE THE DATE of April 15 – June 1, 2023, to submit an online application, along with all required documents.

| Resources for Financial Needs

If you qualify for financial aid (see table to the right), then you can fund your entire tuition using corporate STO contributions. This means you do not have to raise tax credit contributions. Instead, you can apply to STOs for free scholarships.

We recommend that you apply to all of the STOs listed below. You can also have friends and family contribute their tax credits to these organizations. We are partnered with each one.

Household SizeIncome Cap
Income Qualifications for Corporate Contributions